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Vintage Doodahs Exclusive Frenchic Club 

Feed Your Painting Addiction! 

Something a little different to arrive in the post Monthly. Colour of Month Delivered in the 1st week of the Month box also contains Vintage Doodahs exclusive Top tips! 


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Great Gift Idea! 

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  • Colour of the Month

    Vintage DooDahs Frenchic Paint
    Valid for 12 months
    • Delivery of One Surprise 750ml Tin Each Month
    • Exclusive Frenchic Tops Tips
    • Save £10
  • Colour of The Month

    Every month
    Monthly Frenchic Subscription
    • Colour of the Month 750Ml Tin each Month
    • Exclusive Top Tips

*Monthly Subscriptions are on a rolling contract payments will continue to be taken until cancelled. Cancel at any time. Payment must be complete for any products already dispatched.

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