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Mismatched Painted Chair - Grey Pebble - Grey

Mismatched Painted Chair - Grey Pebble - Grey

VAT Included

Mix & Match Chairs Painted to Order 

All Chairs are Used condition and have been checked for stability, lose joints etc Repaired where required. 
Chair Measurements vary, if you would like to know measurements of a particular style of chair please ask for further details. 


A number of colours are available for you to make your own combination.  If you would like an alternative colour not shown please contact us. 

All Chairs are painted by hand therefore may show signs of paint strokes and possibly the odd drip mark as we are only human. Chairs will be delivered box and posted or where possible wrapped by our Delivery Driver in person.


Timing and dates will be arranged with your directly if this is the case. 

Please allow AT LEAST 6 weeks for delivery - Please contact us for specific lead times for your order. 

Price is per chair and includes delivery. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 




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